Thrilled and overjoyed by Humanist wedding

Thrilled and overjoyed by Humanist wedding

Linda & Dave were thrilled and overjoyed by Humanist wedding conducted by Joe Armstrong

Dave writes:

Bowled over by witty banter, ease and encouragement

Joe, we were absolutely thrilled and overjoyed at how you conducted our Wedding Ceremony. The amount of positive and beautiful comments we got from our congregation made it all even better. They were bowled over by the ceremony, the witty banter, the service itself. And, most importantly, how you encouraged the audience and made them all feel so easy and comfortable whilst taking part in the ceremony.

Feeling part of something special

Everyone commented on the audience participation and said you were brilliant. Even my youngest daughter couldn’t believe that she got up in front of everyone and said a few words. She said you made her feel very much a part of something special.

Calming the groom to enjoy every moment

And a special thanks from me Joe for calming me down and making me sure that I enjoyed each moment as it came. This ceremony really did set everyone up for an exceptional fantastic and fun day.

Exceptional, outstanding and very heartfelt

Exceptional, outstanding and very heartfelt Joe. The Wife and I (love saying that!!) hahahaha were delighted. The whole day will never be forgotten. And you started that all off Joe. The wife and I – there I go again! – would recommend you to anyone who wanted a humanist ceremony. And I am sure that the rest of the congregation would too. Joe, absolute perfection from yourself! And what a spectacular day we both had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Linda writes:

Professional and welcoming manner

My dearest Joe,

I will NEVER forget our amazing wedding ceremony and that is all down to you! From the moment I saw your smiling face outside of the ceremony room I felt totally as ease and the positivity and calmness that exuded from our guests can be attributed to your friendly professional and welcoming manner.

Spontaneity, laughter & inclusion

It was an atmosphere of celebration and happiness and guests later commented on your ability to encourage spontaneity, laughter and inclusion. You let the ceremony progress at its natural pace and took your time to ensure both Dave and I were comfortable and relaxed and the feeling of love in the room was palpable due to your understanding and explanation of a humanist wedding.

Our choice of celebrant

I believe you must have made eye contact with each and every person as the amount of compliments we received in relation to our choice of celebrant and his attention to our congregation was overwhelming. We have some wonderful photos which I will forward in due course.

‘Best wedding ever’

Joe we have received many thank you cards and they say it was the best wedding they have ever attended from beginning to end. It is our honest opinion that you set the foundation for our day and as they say a strong foundation is fundamental. And boy did we have fun!!!!! (see what I did there?)

‘I have married the love of my life’

The day continued to gather momentum with thanks to the atmospherics created by your good self. I cannot believe I have married the love of my life, it still gives me goosebumps and I sincerely thank you for making our commitment so loving and unforgettable. I have and will continue to recommend you to any persons ‘getting hitched’ in the future. You are a wonderfully special person Joe and we are delighted our paths crossed.

-Dave & Linda, Humanist wedding conducted by Joe Armstrong at Ballymagarvey Village, Co. Meath, 27 July 2018

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