New website for Humanist weddings!

I am very excited to be building this new website about Humanist weddings. It preserves all my archive going back to I think 2007. Humanist ceremonies are the way forward for so many people. So often after a Humanist wedding or naming ceremony or funeral people tell me that it’s so personal and inclusive of everybody. I love what I do. It’s my best job ever.

Being with people crossing the threshold into marriage, or the threshold into life, or, at life’s end, into death. It doesn’t get more human than that. Hatching, matching and dispatching, as has been said.

People often feel liberated of the need for religion. And that Humanist ceremonies can and do capture the essential human moment of birth, marriage and death more truly than any belief in deities ever could. It’s growing up really. Becoming an adult. Being human.