Laughter, tears of joy at signature Humanist wedding

Much laughter and tears of joy were in abundance at a signature Humanist wedding ceremony that I conducted at Mount Druid, County Westmeath today. Such a lovely couple. Completely in love. Authentic. Living the moment to the full. Joyful, happy, tearful (in a good way!). Surrounded by their community of family and friends. Embarking on the adventure of their marriage. Optimistic. Adventurous. Full of fun, vitality, authenticity. The hairs stood on the back of my neck multiple times during this happy, inclusive, vibrant ceremony.

The groom the very picture of pride and love as his magnificent mother spoke about the couple. Their friends and family so present with them as they crossed the threshold into marriage. Tears of joy, from men too. Incredible personal vows. A singular and tangible vibrancy about the entire event. The bride’s dad playing  the flute during the ceremony. The bridesmaids and, yes, bridesmen, and best men (yes, two) and groomsmen so supportive and hands-on helpful before and after the ceremony.

The couple so self-actualized, having planned with me their Humanist wedding ceremony that bore their distinctive personalities and life journeys.

What a joy to conduct such a ceremony, for such a couple, for such a community of their family and friends. So much laughter. Nerves before, to be sure. And challenges too. What a job I have! To facilitate such a union, such a marriage of minds and hearts. Soulmates they are. Made for each other. A joy to behold.

And Mount Druid, as ever, a wonderful venue, beloved by photographers, for the many opportunities the venue offers for pictures with a difference.

Both bride and groom are very lucky people. The vibe between them, the magnificence  of their guests, the maturity of groom and his best men and groomsmen as we spent the hour before the ceremony setting things up and having a rehearsal. And what a bride. Stunning, intelligent, on fire with life and love and adventure and more.

The poem read by a close friend of the couple, composed by the reader. The ceremony of light. The candle lit earlier in loving memory of  a deceased  and much loved brother. The oath stone over which they made their vows.

The personal vows written by both, full of humour and truth and oozing love and mutual acceptance and challenge. And the laughter throughout, the clapping, the jokes, the fun.

Guests afterwards told me that the personal ceremony fitted the couple like a glove. Their signature was all over it.

It’s always lovely when guests go out of their way after a ceremony to thank me and tell me how much they enjoyed the ceremony. And when a wedding professional such as a videographer tells me I’m the best celebrant they’ve ever seen. Well, thank you!

May both bride and groom thrive in their love and continue on their adventure of life and love, celebrating their love, growing ever deeper in love and living their one and only life to the full.

My thanks to you both and to all your bristling-with-life family and friends. Thank you.

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