Your personal Humanist Wedding, Baby Naming, Civil Confirmation or Renewal of Vows ceremony begins with a simple email or by submitting the Initial Enquiry Form.

(If you are enquiring about me creating and conducting a Humanist funeral ceremony, feel free to ring me. See Contact page.)

If you would like me to conduct your personal, relaxed, fun yet profound and emotionally engaging Humanist Wedding, Baby Naming, Civil Confirmation, Renewal of Vows or other  ceremony please first ask yourself the following:

  1. Do we want a Humanist/secular/non-religious ceremony?
  2. Is your ceremony going to be in Meath, Westmeath, Cavan, Louth, Monaghan, Dublin, north Kildare, north Wicklow, east Offaly, Longford, south Leitrim? For the geographical area in which I normally operate and many of the venues at which I conduct Humanist weddings click here. You can zone into each pin and get the contact details for each venue and check out their website. By zoning in you may also find that there are two or three venues close together.
  3. Please make your initial enquiry about a Humanist Wedding, Baby Naming, Civil Confirmation, Renewal of Vows or other ceremony in the first instance BY EMAIL or by the INITIAL ENQUIRY FORM please, (obviously, in the case of a funeral, feel free to ring me).

If emailing me, please state in the SUBJECT LINE of your email: 

    • the date of your ceremony
    • the name and address of your venue
      • Here is why I cannot take initial enquiries (except for funerals) by telephone:
      • Some of the people before you in the email queue might be enquiring about the same date as you. It doesn’t mean that they will take the date but it’s only fair that their enquiries are dealt with first
      • There may already be other enquiries for your ceremony date, the status of each of which I’d need to check before I could determine my availability and that can take quite a bit of time so I couldn’t tell you anyway over the phone
      • Hence the best and most manageable initial approach is by the INITIAL ENQUIRY FORM or by email. Thank you.

While I often respond quickly to new enquiries, please note that it can sometimes take some time to respond. I don’t have a secretary. I may be conducting a ceremony – a wedding, baby naming, civil confirmation, renewal of vows or a funeral ceremony (which always arise at short notice) – and I may have consecutive ceremonies over successive days, travelling to and from ceremonies, studying ceremony drafts or reviewing and editing the final scripts for ceremonies, managing emails, attending to lots of administration and bookkeeping, and preparing for and conducting comprehensive and highly productive Writing and Editorial meetings. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

When I reply, I will let you know if I would be available on the date of your ceremony and I would send you lots more information including how to book me.