Brilliant, personal, fun, professional Humanist wedding

Brilliant, personal, fun, professional Humanist wedding

Grooms Cormac and David described their Humanist wedding as brilliant, personal, fun and a professional Humanist wedding ceremony. It was everything they’d hoped for and struck the right tone for the couple and their guests.

That’s David and Cormac jumping the broom at the end of their wedding ceremony, crossing the threshold into marriage (with laughter and joy typical of this vibrant couple)

That same leap from a different angle (and slightly longer!)

Grooms David and Cormac wave regally to their happy guests with joy, laughter and good humour from a balcony at Bellingham Castle after their wedding

From Cormac and David:

‘Hey Joe, We just wanted to thank you so much for being our celebrant. The ceremony was brilliant, it was everything we’d hoped for and you struck exactly the right tone for us and for our friends and family. Loads of people came to us afterwards – especially those more used to religious weddings – and told us how personal the ceremony was, how fun it was and how well it reflected our personalities. In fact, two of my aunts told me to ask you if you do Humanist funerals. Thank you for your professionalism, your attention to detail and for putting us at ease so we could enjoy everything. It was just such a special moment for the two of us that we’ll never forget.’

-Cormac & David, Humanist wedding conducted by Joe Armstrong at Bellingham Castle, 14 July 2018

Cormac and David signing the Marriage Registration Form near the end of their Humanist wedding ceremony
David and Cormac delighting in their Humanist wedding ceremony, with celebrant Joe Armstrong
Cormac and David kiss after being pronounced husband and husband



Petals…and hand bags! (this was not a wedding at which to be shy!) Feeling I might have been missing a cultural reference here, grooms David and Cormac said, ‘You really should watch The Golden Girls! It holds up very well for a comedy from the late ’80s and we hope when you hear the opening theme song you’ll think of our wedding with a smile.’