My RTE Documentary: From Belief to Unbelief

My RTE radio documentary ‘From Belief to Unbelief’, which I made with production supervisor Nicoline Greer, was a shortlisted for and a 2013 Finalist Award Winner at the prestigious New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs and Promotions

Click here to listen to Joe Armstrong’s RTE Radio 1 documentary ‘From Belief to Unbelief’

Click here to listen to Joe, John and Declan being interviewed on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1.

Click here to see Joe and John interviewed on TV3 about their journey from belief to unbelief.

Click here to listen to extract from Joe’s documentary on RTE Radio 1’s Playback show, broadcast Sat 20 Oct. 2012. Scroll to beginning of extract at 34:12 (It concludes at 36.47)