A new day, a new wedding!

I will marry a couple today. Two people crossing a threshold in their lives. Each with their past, their present and their unknown future. Trying to live this today with awareness.

Imperfect people, always, as we all are. Tis the human condition. Celebrating their love. Publicly. Committing themselves to one another. Bringing with them their hopes and dreams, their life lessons learned and insights yet to come.

People will cry. Why? Because what happens today is important. Our lives turn on love. Our minds, heart and gut longs for it. Finding love is precious. More important than money or even health or life itself.

Our hearts beat for love, long for love, crave love. And when we find it, we are truly blessed. Luckier than the luckiest. Happier than the happiest. Contented. At peace. In harmony with ourselves.