A day in the life of this Humanist celebrant

A day in the life of this Humanist celebrant

Printing Final Scripts

This is a sample day for this Humanist celebrant. It’s after midnight. I was up at six this morning, left my son to the bus. Got breakfast for the missus. Was at my desk by 8.30am. I’ve two weddings this weekend so I needed to print out the scripts for each ceremony. I checked email for any last minute tweaks, printed scripts out, read through them briefly and rang both couples, confirming times.

I meet the groom an hour before each ceremony. So I made sure each couple knew what they had to take to the ceremony. A bit of chit chatter and banter. That’s the guts of an hour for each script just there.

Writing the Final Layout version of other scripts

Then I’d to write what I call the ‘Final Layout version’ of three other scripts. Each one took me about an hour, including the time to send the scripts to the couples with reminders about what they need to do on their wedding day and before it.

That kept me busy until I think about 1.30pm. I’d a brief spin on my bike around the block to clear my head.

Preparing for a Writing and Editorial Meeting

Next on my agenda was to do the admin necessary for another couple who are just starting out on the path towards booking me as their celebrant and finding out what they need to do and starting on their script. Just preparing for that Writing and Editorial Meeting took me more than an hour. There is a lot of administration involved. A lot of my work is front-ended, by which I mean by the end of the first meeting with me the couple has their personalized script 85 per cent finished. And that involves a big investment of time by me even before I meet the couple.

New Enquiry for a late notice wedding

I’d a new inquiry in about a late notice wedding and the groom was having technical challenges at his end. By close of business tonight, 19 emails had passed between us and we haven’t even met yet. Sometimes couples book me two and a half years before their wedding. This one is in less than two months! Luckily – he has assured me – he had already approached the HSE/registrars. In Ireland, couples normally have to give at least three months notice of their intention to marry.

Under the bonnet

Yesterday I’d a brilliant tech guru here in the office helping me get the SSL set up for this new site, and lots of other matters technical about this new website. We spent more than two and a half hours improving both websites. Advancing this newer website and doing some necessary work on my original, beloved website www.JoeArmstrong.ie

I intend this new site, www.HumanistWeddings.ie, to focus more on ceremonies, leaving me free to explore wider issues and showcase my writing on www.JoeArmstrong.ie

Chasing September scripts

I’ve got all July and August scripts finalized. My next task tonight was to chase couples who have not yet sent me their final draft for ceremonies taking place in September. July, August and September are very busy months for ceremonies and there will be very little time for me to draft scripts. So I had to check the files of all clients with ceremonies this September to see which ones are outstanding. That analysis took a while and then I had to send emails to couples who have not yet sent me their final drafts urging them to do so soon.


I had accounts to do, which I hate; but they have to be done and I got them done. And the love of my life helped me get that done too by preliminary work on it with me yesterday. A hateful job for me but always good to finish it.

I’d dinner with my wife and son and then the missus and I has a short walk in the fields with the dogs.

Somehow it’s now a quarter to one in the morning. Now how did that happen?