A New Dawn for Ireland

In Tripoli they have to riot and human rights protesters are massacred. In Ireland, we go to the ballot box and we have massacred our discredited Government. Long live Ireland! God help Libya.

Post-theism when the crowd still applauds the Emperor

Since ‘coming out’ as a non-believer, a post-theist, a person who has outgrown religious faith, I have had to stop writing two columns I used to write in Reality, published by the Redemptorist Publications.  I have been writing for the magazine for I think about 14 years. I particularly loved writing the Soul Food Restaurant column….


I attended the lecture by Prof Daniel Dennett entitled Taking the Place of Religion last week at the D4 Berkeley, Dublin. I felt completely at home. I am no longer a believer. I spent the last seven months of 2010 writing a semi-autobiographical novel based on my nine years in a seminary. The transition from believer…